Friday, 30 September 2011

Wireless Light Switch - No Wiring No Redecoration

Wireless Light Switch - No More Fuss, No More Pain

A common problem customers face, is when you need to switch on or off a switch remotely without having to run wires. Some common reasons for this
  • The switch wires have been placed on the wrong side of the door
  • You have already redecorated but need an extra switch
  • You have a porch and what a switch but don't want to run surface mounted wires
  • The Light switch is on the opposite side of the room
  • You need a wireless Switch for a garage or out building
There are many more reasons why a wireless Light switch can be used. We have the best and most cost efficient solution for remotely controlling your lights or fan using a wireless switch and receiver.

What do you need

The Switch....

You will need a Wireless Battery operated Light switch that acts as the transmitter. At the Wireless Lighting Store we sell 4 types of wireless switches, 2 single switches (white and chrome) and the same finishes in a 2 gang version. Both units are made by a company called home Easy. The Wireless Lighting Store.Com is a leading seller in the UK of Home Easy products.

Typically from our website the Wireless Switch will cost around £15.

This switch is then place in the location where you want the switch to actually be. NO WIRES, NO REDECORATING.... The wireless switch comes with some adhesive and small screws for a very tidy easy finish.

Next you will need to purchase a Wireless Receiver. The Home Easy HE304 receiver will be wired in-line into the circuit you want to control. The maximum wattage is 1000w and 5Amp. The receivers use Radio waves so unlike Infra Red they do not have to be line of sight and will work through walls or ceiling voids. The Ceiling Receiver is paired up to the Wireless Light Switch.

The wireless switch then sends a signal to the ceiling or wall mounted hidden receiver and you can now turn on or off the lights remotely.

At the Wireless Lighting Store.Com you can purchase a pack that contains what you need for £19.99. Also available from other reputable retailers.

1 year warranty and fantastic technical support and customer services to help you our.

Pay us a visit online or call us on 0800 043 7004.

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