Wednesday, 6 February 2013

AV Link Interchangeable Modular Wall Plates Satellite,RF,F Connector,TV Aerial Coax,HDMI,USB & More

We proud to talk about a fantastic range of AV Link interchangeable wall modules, for creating a module wall plate to your requirement. (See entire selection here)

DIY custom switches have never gotten easier with the introduction of these clip in and clip out modules. The range included, HDMI,USB,F Connector (Satellite or Cable TV),Coaxial Aerial,Speaker,Audio & Video connectors and more. The units can be clipped into a single or double wall socket. A single wall unit can take up to 3 modules and the double can take up to 6 modules.


 Above are just a few example of the modules you can clip in and out of the wall plates.

Prices start from £3.99, and the beauty of these modules, is that you create your own switch based on the needs of your property.

Any questions please visit our website on Wireless Lighting Store.Com or ring 0207117 6966

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Trendi Stylish Designer Plastic with Chrome Rocker Light Switches & Sockets

We are proud at Wireless Lighting Store to be selling the much talked about Trendi Light Switches. The range is a fantastic set of quality well prices plastic moulded switches and sockets. The range is available in 4 finishes, black, gold, white and silver. Buy Trendi Switches & Sockets today

Choice of

  • plug sockets
  • light switches
  • 20amp switches
  • Blanking Plates
  • Cooker Switches
  • TV and Coax points

The range has a fantastic decorative chrome rocker to turn it on or off. The stylish switches below have an oversized rocker for fantastic appeal, and very popular with interior decorators.


Price? - The range starts from as little as £3.85 which puts it a cut above the rest when it comes to value.

Safety - The product has fireproof mould for safety and is CE certified for compliance.

Any questions call us on 0207 117 6966 or if you need a quote on a large order.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Control your Gate or Door via GSM Intercom Mobile Phone System

GSM intercom systems use mobile phone technology to communicate through existing mobile telephone networks. All you need is a SIM card (not provided).

Benefits of GSM Mobile Wireless Intercoms
  • No range limits at all.
  • Rings multiple numbers when the call button is pressed, so if you are not at home, you can receive a call on your mobile and grant access to your visitor.
  • Access control built in by telephone number recognition. Program in your friends and family numbers so that they can simply "ring your gate" to gain access".
  • No need for handsets inside your house, no cabling, no damage to decor!
More about this product
  • Exclusive architectural design model.
  • Stainless steel curved front profile, surface mounted.
  • Modern neon blue back lighting which lights up the wall from behind the panel.
  • All in one GSM intercom, with GSM electronics built inside speech panel for fast, simple installation.
  • Dials up to 3 numbers in sequence when call button is pressed.
  • Incorporating access control by caller ID, for up to 100 authorised users.
  • Easy programming by SMS text.
  • Complete with power supply.
    Visual Explanation of how it works

    Monday, 6 August 2012

    LightwaveRF Wireless Lighting Switches & Remotes

    Wireless Lighting Store is one of the leading official distributors of LightwaveRF switches and sockets

    • Stylish Switches
    • Ability to control devices via Iphone or Android Smartphone

    What we want to talk about in this quick blog is the Wireless Relay switch and Wireless Light Switch

    Wireless Relay Switch
    • Provides 500w on or off switching remotely
    • Small enough to fit in a ceiling rose hole
    • Can work off a distance of around 15-20m
    • Uses radio frequency so will work through voids
    The scenario for using a wireless switch for example is when you have already done the following;
    • Already decorated and do not want to run new wires
    • You have changed the way the door opens
    • You need to remotely control a light that does not have a switch
    • Garden shed light and you want to control it from your house, but dont want to run a cable from the shed to your house
    • Under cabinet lighitng control or floor lighting
    • Or simply remotely control on or off a voltage circuit of up to 500w
    The device can be controlled by remote or a remote wall mounted battery light switch

    If you have any questions please can you ring 0800 043 7004 or 0207 117 6966 

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    Cheapest Remote Dimmer Switch Option from GANDH Brassware

    Wireless Lighting Store is an official distributor of GANDH Brassware Infra Red Electronic Remote Dimmer Switches.

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    The remote dimmers can work form a range of 15-20 feet.

    • Remote Dimmers are retro fit, so will fit standard uk wall sockets
    • Available in 1 to 4 gang 
    • You can set up a 2 way circuit by utilising the slave dimmers available in the same finishes
    • We have over 14 difference designs available 
    All our products come with 1 year warranty and delivery is from just 1.99

    As a leading retailers of wireless and remote solution with dimmer starting from just £16.95 it is the cheapest dimmers witches we offer. 

    So why get a remote dimmer
    • Create dimming scenes from a remote control
    • Switch off your lights from bed while reading
    • Control multiple lighting circuits with a single button
    • Memory dimming for a touch of class
    The beauty of these products is the fantastic design that is different from conventional rocker switches

    If you have any questions ring 0800 043 7004 or 0207 1176966

    Thank you for reading this blog - DISCOUNT VOUCHER: BLOGGER15 = 10% Off 

    Wednesday, 8 February 2012

    Wireless Light Switched needed as door now mounted on the opposite side

    We get this question so so so so so so so so many times

    I need a wireless Light switch because we have mounted the door on the opposite way and now it is blocking the light switch!

    Don't panic we have the solution for you and its so simply

    A simple wireless Light switch together with a ceiling mounted receiver unit.

    The Wireless Light switch is placed in the location were you want to switch the light from, and then the ceiling receiver is wired in line

    Wireless Battery Switch uses a coin battery with long life and looks like this

    Ceiling module is connected in-line by an electrician and fits into the whole in the ceiling rose and is paired to the wall switch.

    LightwaveRF User Manuals and Guides

    A frequent request from our customers on Wireless Lighting Store are constantly asking us for access to PDF manuals for Lightwaverf in order to help them see the details of this fantastic product before they make a purchase. Now all manuals are available on our website via the following link - LightwaveRF user manuals

    I have made life easier for you by bringing the links to the manuals right here on our blog.

    LightwaveRF Light Switches User ManualsModel Download
    LightwaveRF 1 Gang 250w Single Remote Dimmer Switch Manual JSJSLW200
    LightwaveRF 2 Gang 210w Double Remote Dimmer Switch Manual JSJSLW220
    LightwaveRF 3 Gang 210w Triple Remote Dimmer Switch Manual JSJSLW230
    LightwaveRF 4 Gang 210w Quad Remote Dimmer Switch Manual JSJSLW240
    LightwaveRF 1 Gang 210w Slave Remote Dimmer Switch Manual JSJSLW250
    LightwaveRF Plug Socket User Manuals
    LightwaveRF 1 Gang Remote Control Plug Socket Manual JSJSLW200
    LightwaveRF 2 Gang Remote Control Plug Socket Manual JSJSLW200
    LightwaveRF 3 Pack Remote Control Plug in Sockets Adaptor Manual JSJSLW321BLK
    LightwaveRF Wi-fi Link Iphone or Smartphone control Box User Manual
    LightwaveRF Wifi-link Box for Iphone or Android Phone Control JSJSLW500WH
    Lightwave Accessories and Controls User Manuals
    LightwaveRF 500w Radio Control Relay Switch User Manual JSJSLW821
    LightwaveRF Remote Control Dimmable CFL Light bulb Manual JSJSLW560
    LightwaveRF Remote Control Multi Change Manual JSJSLW100
    LightwaveRF 5 Button Remote Control Unit JSJSLW105
    LightwaveRF Energy Monitor for Electricity Saving Manual JSJSLW600
    LightwaveRF Central Heating Thermostat User Manual