Monday, 6 August 2012

LightwaveRF Wireless Lighting Switches & Remotes

Wireless Lighting Store is one of the leading official distributors of LightwaveRF switches and sockets

  • Stylish Switches
  • Ability to control devices via Iphone or Android Smartphone

What we want to talk about in this quick blog is the Wireless Relay switch and Wireless Light Switch

Wireless Relay Switch
  • Provides 500w on or off switching remotely
  • Small enough to fit in a ceiling rose hole
  • Can work off a distance of around 15-20m
  • Uses radio frequency so will work through voids
The scenario for using a wireless switch for example is when you have already done the following;
  • Already decorated and do not want to run new wires
  • You have changed the way the door opens
  • You need to remotely control a light that does not have a switch
  • Garden shed light and you want to control it from your house, but dont want to run a cable from the shed to your house
  • Under cabinet lighitng control or floor lighting
  • Or simply remotely control on or off a voltage circuit of up to 500w
The device can be controlled by remote or a remote wall mounted battery light switch

If you have any questions please can you ring 0800 043 7004 or 0207 117 6966 

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  1. Wireless Lighting

    Smartphone control of the Z-Wave Plug-in Switch Controller and Z-Wave Plug-in Dimmer Controller will depend on the use of a compatible gateway, and a corresponding Android or iPhone application. Controlling the switches away from the home depends on a compatible phone plan. Note that standard data charges from your phone network may apply.