Wednesday, 6 February 2013

AV Link Interchangeable Modular Wall Plates Satellite,RF,F Connector,TV Aerial Coax,HDMI,USB & More

We proud to talk about a fantastic range of AV Link interchangeable wall modules, for creating a module wall plate to your requirement. (See entire selection here)

DIY custom switches have never gotten easier with the introduction of these clip in and clip out modules. The range included, HDMI,USB,F Connector (Satellite or Cable TV),Coaxial Aerial,Speaker,Audio & Video connectors and more. The units can be clipped into a single or double wall socket. A single wall unit can take up to 3 modules and the double can take up to 6 modules.


 Above are just a few example of the modules you can clip in and out of the wall plates.

Prices start from £3.99, and the beauty of these modules, is that you create your own switch based on the needs of your property.

Any questions please visit our website on Wireless Lighting Store.Com or ring 0207117 6966

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  1. The most widely recognized is a divider switch, which swaps a common dimmer switches. They are not difficult to fit. There are 2 terminals on restricted switches, and the wires can fit whichever way adjust.

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