Wednesday, 8 February 2012

LightwaveRF User Manuals and Guides

A frequent request from our customers on Wireless Lighting Store are constantly asking us for access to PDF manuals for Lightwaverf in order to help them see the details of this fantastic product before they make a purchase. Now all manuals are available on our website via the following link - LightwaveRF user manuals

I have made life easier for you by bringing the links to the manuals right here on our blog.

LightwaveRF Light Switches User ManualsModel Download
LightwaveRF 1 Gang 250w Single Remote Dimmer Switch Manual JSJSLW200
LightwaveRF 2 Gang 210w Double Remote Dimmer Switch Manual JSJSLW220
LightwaveRF 3 Gang 210w Triple Remote Dimmer Switch Manual JSJSLW230
LightwaveRF 4 Gang 210w Quad Remote Dimmer Switch Manual JSJSLW240
LightwaveRF 1 Gang 210w Slave Remote Dimmer Switch Manual JSJSLW250
LightwaveRF Plug Socket User Manuals
LightwaveRF 1 Gang Remote Control Plug Socket Manual JSJSLW200
LightwaveRF 2 Gang Remote Control Plug Socket Manual JSJSLW200
LightwaveRF 3 Pack Remote Control Plug in Sockets Adaptor Manual JSJSLW321BLK
LightwaveRF Wi-fi Link Iphone or Smartphone control Box User Manual
LightwaveRF Wifi-link Box for Iphone or Android Phone Control JSJSLW500WH
Lightwave Accessories and Controls User Manuals
LightwaveRF 500w Radio Control Relay Switch User Manual JSJSLW821
LightwaveRF Remote Control Dimmable CFL Light bulb Manual JSJSLW560
LightwaveRF Remote Control Multi Change Manual JSJSLW100
LightwaveRF 5 Button Remote Control Unit JSJSLW105
LightwaveRF Energy Monitor for Electricity Saving Manual JSJSLW600
LightwaveRF Central Heating Thermostat User Manual