Tuesday, 7 February 2012

LightwaveRF Connect Wireless Radiator Valve Remote Controls

We have been so excited by the introduction of the new lightwaverf connect range of Wireless Remote control devices that can be used in conjunction with a Smartphone or Tablet computer or via the web using a PC.

So how does it all work...... a picture probably best explains it all.

This article is profiling the Wireless Radiator Valve control system which enables you to control radiator temperate and the on or off functions remotely or via a hand held thermostat.

Lightwaverf Demo Video in action

This is a perfect cost effective solution for wireless radiator control
  • Low cost method of zoned heating control
  • Turn off radiators in unoccupied rooms
  • Save energy and extend boiler life by reducing the effort of wasted energy
  • Set individual temperatues for radiators
  • Reduce your heating cost and save month
  • Set timers for the correct temperatures when you need it
What does the radiator valve look like? Buy now

You can purchase the pack which includes a hand held thermostat control unit which also includes
  • Radiator valve
  • Thermostat
  • Extra fixing ring for unsual fittings
Wireless Window Contacts

Now the beauty about this system is that you can even buy window switch contacts which will automatically switch off your wireless radiator control unit when someone opens the window which will result in saved energy

Smartphone control

The radiators valves need to be set up with a ideal temperature and then a set back temperature. You can then use an iphone or smart phone to automatically control the radiator valve via wifi or 3g using the Wifi Link box.

Coming soon will be a Boiler control system as well which will mean total lightwaverf control of your central heating remotely whether you are inside or outside of your house.

Browse more lightwaverf products on our website and if you have any further questions please give us a ring on 0800 043 7004

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