Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Remote Control Light Bulbs

Remote control light bulbs are one of the best sellers on Wireless Lighting Store.

This blog is is just a quick quide to how you can find them useful.

  • Easy to install - no electrician needed
  • Comes in BC standard cap and also ES
  • Ideal if you want to avoid redecorating
  • Avoid running new wires to a switching location

LightwaveRF Lightbulb demo video

So how easy is it to set up and get going?

Easy Installation - No Electrician Needed

How easy is it to pair the device to the remote?

Step 1 - Put the plub in your light fitting
Step 2 - Turn the light on
Step 3 - Turn the light on and off 4 times
Step 4 - light bulb will start flashing
Step 5 - Press the on button on the remote
Step 6 - Bulb will flicker to confirm pairing

All Done - You now have remote control lighting

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